Two Poems

by Maria Ng

Sad Love Letter for Chris Evans

Chris Evans forgot to save

the world  the other day.

He left us hanging

by Liberty's torch.

Went to the movie theater

to forget that Tumblr existed.

Watched the Avengers and

wondered what the girl

with the iPhone was doing.

Looking at Chris Evans

standing in front of a sparkly

GIF with those patriotic


I don't even

like gym sweat.

But I was told a man

should be tall and

able to hold me and

become my cradle.

Feed me all

of your power.

More popcorn for

the mouths of the poor

instead of populating

illuminated theater carpets.

Every form of

art has a contradiction

just like the human race,

and it is beautiful.

Captain America is

my favorite myth.

Luscious shampooed locks

and clothed in imperial stripes.

Squeezing our hands

for an extra dollar.

I am the many languages

and flesh colors

that stain the


But white-washed

with red blood and

blue tears.

And then I'm choking up English.

Decolonize my heart Chris Evans.

I know you're incapable of doing that.

Dismal GiGi

I had a one night stand 

with a man with no name.

Was it Matthew he whispered?

And I leave with

impurities dotting

my inner thighs.

I tell BiBi to leave Henry

so I can cuddle with more

sheets of hers and then we

could share coffee and croissants.

I smoke a cigarette 

and let the smoke

nestle in my hair.

My collagen 

sighing and sagging,

absorbing all the toxins

that also lay between my lips.

And the taste buds

die and wither as

the heat spreads

upon them like

jelly on an English

muffin, along with

the black coffee’s

bitter grains.

I burn my sheets 

every once in a while,

when they rest underneath

a neglected iron,

as I try to

burn off

all the sins.

After pushing 

Matthew out

of my square

and rubbing


on the traces

he left on my cheeks,

I claw my face 

to get rid of them,

before having

BiBi with me.

But in return,

the skin remains

resilient. Exposed.

Maria Ng is a New Yorker living in New Jersey. She hides behind laptops quite often.

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