titled un

by Eric Wynen

weepin soul
reapin sown
soil toil
too oil in
cheap scrap coilin
dirt cheat royal in roilin
preachy teachy bouillon broilin bacon
growlin hallowed never ever thereafter
prowlin prioris prioritized
some prior-illuminati panthers
posin rows in rosen roof rentals
in came the element
the all-net in come
intra internettlement-well meant well
mean wells
mean tears well
meat wares tell
the west is gone
our best bleached pond
the crest-leeched beyond
a crew-creased sub-moron
case-sensitive sacred neuron's sacrum
boss bowser before beauty betrayed
jesus drunk on jesús juice, cheese-lust jude
weepin soul soup knee-deep in glue
weepin soul coup packaged as boots
reapin soul wheels gone tired to root
creepin sole tiers roost teary-eyed troopes torn
atol bridge toll, dreary-dried dolls stolen
life takin, life makin mud mix in store forlorn
weepin soul sprites in corn till 4
weepin soul sight blinded by ore &/or or
Chasing Ice: The Sixth Extinction
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