Two Poems

by Geene Feenie
i begin to compose,
its all a joke any way
whey and soy, chiecks and bois
down on the CCR and the TV still Knockin/
Life hard-rockin' troll-stompin'
flips and clicks, flips, and trix


sing a song to sang sang/ sangria sangre sange
let the flow pull up the zipper and drive away in cursive
flow through the pinhole and thread stutter0chat  gibberish
ohm through the newish moon zoom in on the bluish bloom;

i saw dem today, the sky by gray, day be fly gone by and by down the bayou.
Wishing still to be beside her, aching for warmth, yet i know not even whom she be.
throw up the past and begin on into the future, wheat grass, and chlorophyll
stomach full of air and pill \\ let the medicine work its way on in let the story Begin again.

with in the mind of the derangedly sane, were war is not a variable, but a consonant.  Constantly changing..   Pizza in the night sky,
i want a peace.  ae
that pi .   
                      What is the space between two words...  constant consonant variable change
 i am fine..
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