i hate everything except the things that i love / i love everything except the things that i hate

by alex wennerberg

call your friends i am alive, i am on instagram, my head is a soft head,
when i close my eyes you are semen-colored,
in psychology we read about classical conditioning tik tak we
read about classical conditioning,
in spite of myself you are beautiful,
i chew my nails you are offline because you do not exist you
are beautiful because i do not know beautiful things, how
do these systems work you are beautiful, no,
i am in a six room apartment if you count bathrooms, my desk has six quarters on it (new
mexico, texas, ohio, 3x eagle), my hands have, no, it is three a.m. there are six people on
facebook, one two three one two three four five six one two three one two three four five six you
are not online on facebook you are beautiful
i do not know what to say, my fingernails are the republican party, no,
my eyes strike a tiny puddle, the snow is melted, i see in it a small tree, you are a small tree you
are beautiful the tree has no leaves it is winter
you are above my head an airplane, you are a steak knife cutting the snow-melting silent sky,
you are something i forgot, my head is a soft kitten
i draw you on a post it note, the post it note is blank, i think it is good

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